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 Introducing the all new 100% high grade (304) stainless steel MINI-QUE. The most versatile and ideal bbq on the market. Excellent for backpacking, motorcycle trips, hiking, camping, hunting, spoting events etc. This little unit will not only cook everything from hotdogs and hamburgers to steaks, chicken, fish and skewers, but it can also act as a small fire pit for balacanies. Fabricated from type 304( non-magnetic) stainless steel, this bbq will last for years. Once finished cooking one can submerge in water, pour sand /water over charcoal and this bbq will never rust. The grill is fabricated from a solid 3/16s.s. bar , welded and acid cleaned to ensure long, hot barbecuing. The MINI-QUE....the BBQ built to last and last and last...  If you love the taste of a good charcoal bbq and don't want the mess and time of lighting a large bbq, then this is the bbq for you. Light it along side your propane bbq and you will not be disappointed, the s.s. body creates and distributes heat ensuring a deep heat cooking temperature for all meats, simply choose the amount of charcoal needed and your on. The integrated legs fold out to keep heat away from delicate table/countertops allowing for many areas of operating options. A snug fitting lid slides over to keep ashes/charcoal in place until lighting or discarding is required. 

 Retailing for the unbelievable low price of $64.95. That's right, $64.95 for a high grade  portable stainless steel BBQ.The MINI-QUE is available in a few select stores picked by Stainless Solutions Plus Inc as authorized Retailers. Order from one of our authorized retailers or from our factory direct . Orders from Stainless Solutions Plus Inc. will be treated as retail unless a quantity of 20 or more is purchased, which a special wholesale price will be applied upon e-mail/ telephone confirmation.

A list of authorized retailers to be announced: What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.